Tiger Trust

The tiger is an important icon for all of us at Equator. Since our founding in 1995, we have incorporated the image of a Bengal Tiger as a symbol in our logo and branding. For us the tiger evokes the grace and strength we hope to embody as a company, and we're here to help it survive. Since 2013 we have been supporting an Indonesian organization that is committed protecting Sumatran Tigers. We do this by pay premium for each pound of coffee purchased through our Volkopi, one of our importing partners in Sumatra. The premium is then deposited into a fund called the Sumatran Tiger Trust, and helps provide the resources needed to support the work of the Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program.

Equator is committed to the Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program and one of the last remaining populations of wild tigers anywhere in the world. Each year we provide funds that will allow the Tiger Trust to pay one years’ salary for two trained rangers, including uniforms and gear. If you have enjoyed our namesake Equator Blend over the last few years, you have you have helped in a small way to protect the limited remaining habitat of the Sumatran Tiger.

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