French Press Brew Guide

A French Press is a perfect way to make full-bodied and rich coffee at home. Our french press brew guide will make brewing your coffee easy and straightforward.


Preheat your french press by pouring hot water inside the pitcher. Let sit for 30 seconds or while you grind your coffee. Discard the water.

Grind coffee coarse. On most grinders use the second to coursest setting.

Ratio: 1:15 coffee to water for a nice strong cup. For example, a small french press may use 25g of coffee to 375g water, a large 45g coffee to 675g water. 

Pour the grounds into the brewer.


Start timer counting up.

Pour water into your brewer, filling almost to top. 

Place the cover on your brewer with the plunger raised.


Stir in the top layer of grounds.

Pour water to top of the brewer, just below bottom of the spout.

Replace the cover on your brewer with the plunger raised.


Depress the plunger and serve.

Clean grounds from the bottom of your brewer by loosening grounds with a small amount of water and dumping directly into your compost bin. 


Pro Tip: Make sure to remove all the brewed coffee from the French Press immediately after brewing to prevent over extracted, bitter coffee.