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How Long to Steep Cold Brew

Get our cold brew basics and learn how long to steep cold brew to enjoy the sumptuous, sweet, smooth taste of this popular drink at home

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Fair Trade Forever

As California's first Fair Trade certified coffee roaster in 1999, Equator stands at the forefront of the sustainable coffee movement.

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Home Brewer Maintenance 101

One of the key attributes we look for when evaluating the quality of good coffee is its clarity of flavor. But if the equipment you are using to make coffee...

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What is Espresso?

Despite lots of things being labeled as “espresso,” there’s actually no such thing as an “espresso bean,” chocolate-covered or otherwise. Espresso is one of only two things: a brewing method,...

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Equator's Commitment to Decaf

There was a time when decaffeinated coffee was simply the byproduct of the caffeine extraction process. Those days are long gone, and now we find an entire industry dedicated to...

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Coffees of the Peruvian Andes

Although Peru often ranks in the top ten largest coffee producing countries in the world, it is completely overshadowed by its powerhouse neighbors. Ranking numbers one and two in world...

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The Origin of Coffee

Why does origin matter when it comes to great coffee? Our Director of Coffee, Ted Statchura, explains why we do our best to attribute the amazing coffees we offer to...

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Coffee Processing Explained

We’ve written previously on the meaning of “coffee origin” and it’s instrumental role in shaping coffee flavor. That term is often associated with the country and locale where a given...

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