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Hario V60

The Hario V60 is a balanced and meditative way to brew one cup of coffee. The method requires paying attention to how you are pouring and benefits from using a gooseneck kettle for slow controlled pours. The large hole in the bottom means your grounds bed is the main determiner of flow rate, so dialing in your grind is very important. Once mastered, this brew method yields a very clean, balanced and nuanced cup. This recipe is for one 10oz cup of coffee.

Recommended Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:15 (strong, balanced)

What you'll need


  1. Place the Hario V60 filter in your V60 brewer. Rinse with hot water then discard the water (removes any paper taste and preheats the brewer). 
  2. Grind coffee of your choice on a medium-fine setting (towards the fine side from the center of your grinder). Place the grounds in your filter, tapping or lightly shaking to level the grounds. 
  3. Place your brewer and cup/carafe on a scale, tare to 0.


1. Start your timer and pour 60g of hot water into the center of the grounds to start the bloom. This recipe uses three even pours and calls from a slight puase between them as follows:
  • At :30, pour 100g of water starting in the center of the grounds, slowly circling outward. Don't pour water onto the very edge of the cone; you want to saturate the grounds evenly. Pour slowly, ideally with a long neck kettle for better water control (total weight at this point is 160g)
  • At 1:00, pour 100g more water in the same fashion (total weight 260g)
  • At 1:30, pour remaining 100g (final weight is 360g)
2. Serve coffee once the filter stops dripping, which should happen right around 3:30 min.
3. Discard the coffee grounds and filter directly into your compost.

Pro Tips
  • Did your brew take longer than 3:00 minutes? Try a coarser grind. Go finer if it was too quick. 
  • Experiment with your water-to-brew ratio. 15:1 is a stronger brew. For a more delicate cup—which is a good consideration for some single origin coffees—try 16:1. 
  • Because of the large hole in the V60 brewer, your grounds bed acts as the main resistance for the water so be sure to use a medium-fine grind for your coffee.
  • Try pouring slowly and steady, taking a full 30 seconds for each 100g of water. Instead of pausing and doing three separate pours, try to maintain a consistent (yet slow) pour after the bloom. 

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