Hario v60

Clean, balanced coffee for 1 in 3 minutes


Place your V60-02 filter in your brewer.

Rinse with hot water, then discard rinse water.

Grind 24g of coffee medium-fine. Think coarse salt.

Place your grounds in your filter, Tap to level.

Place your brewer & cup/vessel on a scale, tare to 0.

Start Timer

Pour 60g of water into the center of the ground coffee.


Pour 100g of water starting in the center of the grounds, circling outward, then inward. Don't pour water onto the edge of the cone. It may bypass the coffee entirely and dilute your brew.


Pour 100g more in the same fashion.


Pour 100g again. Last one.

2:30 - 3:00

Serve coffee once filter stops dripping.

Serve coffee once filter stops dripping. Did your brew end after 3:00? Try a coarser grind. Go finer for the opposite.