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Coffee Subscription

How It Works

If you love our coffee, you can get it automatically and on repeat by signing up for a subscription. You’ll save on your first bag, but mostly you’ll save yourself from the inevitable headache of forgetting to order coffee. Your first order will get roasted and shipped as soon as you sign up!

Sourced Responsibly

Your coffee experience begins with the finest coffees, sourced with purpose from producer-partners committed to excellence, sustainability, and responsible farming.

Expertly Roasted

Then, our expert roasting team obsesses over coaxing out each coffee's unique flavors. What we do well, we also do sustainably by investing in energy-efficient Loring Smart Roasters to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

how & when you want it

Your coffee is roasted to order and shipped directly to your doorstep, on your schedule. Subscribers also receive special promos and early access to our most special coffees.

Your favorite Equator coffee

Pick your go-to from our best-selling blends and single-origins, delivered to your door on your schedule.

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Let the experts choose

Our curated subscriptions feature rotating coffees handpicked by our passionate roastery team.

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Coffee Subscription FAQ

How Do Coffee Subscriptions Work?

For curated subscriptions, our expert coffee roasters curate a rotating selection of coffees within each category for each customer to receive. These subscriptions are a phenomenal way to explore a range of flavors, producers, and roasts within the Equator Coffees family. Just select the Curated Subscription of your choice (ie. Curated Blend Subscription), select your quantity and frequency, and get 30% off on your first bag. Our roasters will make their selection and begin roasting your coffee to be delivered fresh to your door.

You also have the option to subscribe to many of our year-round coffees directly. To try out a subscription, just navigate to your favorite Equator coffee and select Subscribe & Save.You will receive 30% off on your first bag and can set the quantity and frequency to your preference.

How Much Does a Coffee Subscription Cost?

When subscribing to your favorite coffee, changing your preferred quantity and frequency will change the overall cost. Changing the grind level will not affect the cost of your order. Equator Coffees subscriptions are billed per shipment and can be cancelled at any time.

We offer an ongoing promotion of 30% Off your first bag when you start your first subscription — we think you'll love the experience and will stick with us! All recurring subscription orders over $40 also receive free shipping.

Are Coffee Subscriptions Customizable?

Just about everything about your coffee subscription with us is customizable:

- Frequency: choose your preferred frequency level: as often as once per week and as infrequently as every 8 weeks.

- Grind: select your preferred grind within five levels: Whole Bean, Coarse (French Press), Regular (Drip/Pour Over), Fine, or Espresso

- Size: choose between a 12oz bag or 2lb bag. 2lb bag customers save even more per shipment!

How Do I Manage My Subscription?

Manage your existing coffee subscription with us by logging in on our website— via the profile tab on the upper right-hand of your screen— and selecting Manage my Subscription. Here you will have the option to update your shipping info, billing info, adjust product quantities, pause your subscription, or make a cancellation.

For any issues accessing your management portal, or issues making updates to your information, please contact our support team at:

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