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Equator Coffees

Sourced Responsibly

Your coffee experience begins with the finest coffees, sourced with purpose from producer-partners committed to excellence, sustainability, and responsible farming.

Equator Coffees

Expertly Roasted

Then, our expert roasting team obsesses over coaxing out each coffee's unique flavor. What we do well, we also do sustainably by investing in energy-efficient Loring Smart Roasters to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Equator Coffees

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Finally, your Equator Subscription is shipped and delivered, free of charge. Subscribers also receive special promos and early access to our most special coffees, including those from our award-winning farm, Finca Sophia.

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Signature Staples & Fan Favorites

Best seller

Equator Blend

chocolatey, nutty, spicy

Best seller

Ethiopia Sidama Ardi

chocolatey, citrusy, floral

Our Take on Classic Coffees

Best seller

Mocha Java Fair Trade Organic

berries, chocolatey, floral

Best seller

French Roast Blend Fair Trade Organic

chocolatey, herbal, nutty

Best seller

Tigerwalk Espresso

chocolatey, citrusy, spicy

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