Sweet, Rich Coffee in Less Than 2 Minutes


Place the Aeropress filter in the base and lock onto the brewer. 

Rinse the brewer with hot water to wet the filter and remove paper taste. 

Grind 18g of coffee medium-fine, pour into the brewer. Brew strong, this recipe is 1:11 coffee to water ratio, so 18g of coffee to 200g of water. 

Place your brewer onto a cup/vessel. Place both on a scale, tare to 0.


Start timer counting up.

Pour 50g of water quickly into the Aeropress for the bloom.

Place the plunger into the Aeropress just enough to seal the top.


Remove the plunger, and stir for five seconds. 

Quickly pour the remaining 150g of water. 

Place the plunger back in the Aeropress top to prevent dripping. 


Push down on the plunger slowly until you hear a hissing sound. Take about 30 seconds to depress plunger.

Dilute brew to taste. Initial brew is very strong.

Discard the coffee grounds into compost by first pulling back the plunger slightly, removing the base and then quickly pushing the plunger all the way down. The spent coffee should come out in a puck along with the filter. 

Pro Tip: Use your Aeropress brew similarly to espresso. Dilute with warm or cold milk for a latte like experience, or brew directly over ice for a quick flash brew.