Kalita Wave

How to Brew Rich, Refined Coffee in Less Than 4 Minutes

How to Brew with the Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave brewer features a flat-bottom design punctuated by three small, evenly-space drip holes that help regulate extraction time, or how long your coffee mingles with the water that's extracting it. Used with their patented "Wave" filter, it offers a pour over experience that is simple in practice but allows endless depth of experimentation once you get used to it. This guide will show how to effortlessly take your drip coffee the next level with clarity and class.

What You Need

- Kalita Wave Brewer

- Kalita Wave Filter

- 430g (1.75 cups) Hot Water + 25g (3.5-ish tbsp) Coffee

- Brew vessel/mug

- A food or coffee scale

- A timer


Place the Kalita Wave filter in your brewer.

Rinse with hot water, pouring directly in the center of the filter. Then discard the rinse water.

Grind coffee medium-fine, towards the fine side from the center of your grinder. Brew using a 1:17 ratio, this recipe uses 23g coffee and 390g of water

Place the grounds in your filter. Tap to level.

Place your brewer & cup/carafe on a scale, tare to 0.


Start timer counting up.

Pour 50g of water into the center of the ground coffee to let the coffee bloom.


Pour 140 grams of  water starting in the center of the grounds, slowly circling outward, then inward. Total weight 190g


Pour 100g more in the same fashion. Total weight 290g


Pour 100g again. Last one, total brew weight 390g


Serve coffee once filter stops dripping.

Discard the coffee grounds and filter into compost.

Did your brew end after 4 minutes? Try a coarser grind. Go finer for the opposite. 1:17 is a light and delicate brew, for stronger coffee brew 1:16


Pro-tip: Use a long neck kettle for better water control.

Common Kalita Questions

My brew is taking longer than 3:30?

Try a coarser grind. Go finer for the opposite.

What coffee-to-water ratio should I use?

We use a 1:17 parts coffee for our Kalita brews. That's a bit more water compared to Chemex and Hario brews which we brew with a 1:15 ratio.

How fine should be grind be?

We describe the fine-ness of this coffee grind akin to sea salt, but not as fine as table salt. Fortunately, the Kalita's trio of drip holes help pace the flow of water through the coffee so there's a lot of leeway here to try different grind sizes.

What about water temperature?

We generally suggest 206 degrees fahrenheit for pour over brewing.