Kalita Wave

Rich, Refined Coffee in Less Than 4 Minutes


Place the Kalita Wave filter in your brewer.

Rinse with hot water, pouring directly in the center of the filter. Then discard the rinse water.

Grind 25g of coffee medium-fine. Think sea salt.

Place the grounds in your filter. Tap to level.

Place your brewer & cup/vessel on a scale,tare to 0.

Start Timer

Pour 30g of water into the center of the ground coffee.


Pour water starting in the center of the grounds, slowly circling outward, then inward until the brewer is half full. When the water lowers to a quarter full, fill to halfway again, repeating until your scale reads 400g.

Total weight: 430g


Serve coffee once filter stops dripping.

Did your brew end after 3:30? Try a coarser grind. Go finer for the opposite.