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Golden Hour Collection

The Golden Hour is magical. A moment to reflect, appreciate, and begin again. A celebrated time of day to anchor in gratitude and take in the sunrise and sunset.

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5% of sales go directly to Belift Green Beans in Java to fund the construction of solar coffee dryers to increase consistency and quality, acting as a model for other drying stations in the area.

(left) The Equator Coffees team judges our internal roasting competition, selecting the winning roast became our final Golden Hour Blend; (right) Joel Lohner, the competition's winning roaster.

About the Coffee

Golden Hour Blend

This year, the Equator roasting team focused on highlighting coffee from Java for the Golden Hour roasting competition. The winning roast profile was crafted by Associate Roaster, Joel Lohner, and is composed of the hero coffee from Java, as well as coffees from Kenya and Honduras. Joel tested several iterations before landing on his final roast profile, which boasts fruit-forward flavors of fresh strawberry, berry cobbler, and chocolate croissant.

“I was excited to craft a blend with a Javanese coffee as the hero component. To be able to reflect the flavors of such a beautiful region well known for its legacy in coffee was an exciting challenge.”

About the Beneficiary

Belift Green Beans

For this summer’s Golden Hour Blend, we sourced a core component from the island of Java in partnership with Belift Green Beans. Belift is a group of next-generation Indonesian coffee professionals committed to developing the quality and sustainability of Indonesian coffee.

Belift works directly with farmer communities and is constantly investing in better processing techniques and farming methods to lead to continuous improvements from harvest to harvest.

5% of sales from Golden Hour go directly to Belift Green Beans in Java to fund the construction of solar coffee dryers to increase consistency and quality, acting as a model for other drying stations in the area.

About the artist


Bryant is a design enthusiast living in Solo City, Indonesia. He started his career working in a packaging manufacturer and realized how design plays a big role in it. His love in coffee then forms an idea of creating an impactful branding in the coffee industry by bringing meaningful illustrations and designs.

Ardan started his illustrator career in Solo City, Indonesia by working on his friend’s clothing brand. He believed coffee was the one thing that fueled him to continue working on his creative works. By 2018, Ardan decided to create his own design studio. They started to work on illustration and mural projects, and expanded its service ranging from branding, commercial, video project, and social media management.

ABDesign was created by both Bryant and Ardan based on their passion and love of design and coffee. The design created for The Golden Hour Blend project was inspired by the nature they experienced as kids in Indonesia. It shows the flora and fauna from Indonesia, such as Mount Bromo, Sumatran Tiger, Kasuari Bird, Slow Loris, White-lipped Tree Viper, as well as Coffee Plants and Amaranths.

Through this project, Bryant and Ardan hope to share their experience about Indonesia. Learn more about ABDesign at:

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