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Equator Coffees

August 2021

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Batch Brew


Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil

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Pour Over


Ej Injerto Natural

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El Injerto Pacamara

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Decaf Ethiopia

Masha Natural

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Cerro Azul Enano

Limited Release


Colombia, Kenya, Brazil

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Eye of the Tiger

Ethiopia, Guatemala

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Cold Brew

Endless Summer

Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia

Stay Cool

Seasonal Beverage

The Fogcicle

The enticing blend of Earl Grey tea, house-made vanilla, and sparkling water is topped with a decadent dollop of whip cream and blood orange for a just-right touch of citrus. Effervescent, refreshing, and perfectly balanced, it's a summer drink like you've never had before.

Seasonal Beverage

Almond Pride & Joy

You spoke, and we listened: the Almond Pride & Joy is back. This beat-the-heat favorite brings out the chocolatey and nutty notes of our cold brew with a satisfying and cooling blend of almond milk, chocolate, and coconut water served over ice.

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