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Equator Coffees

APRIL 2021

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Batch Brew


Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil

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Decaf India

Ratnagiri Estate

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Pour Over


Echwan Suyitno Natural

Limited Release


Women of Kinyovu

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La Cristalina

Limited Release


Colombia, Kenya, Brazil

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Eye of the Tiger

Ethiopia, Guatemala

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Cold Brew

Snow Leopard

Panama, El Salvador, Kenya

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Seasonal Beverage

Blackberry Cream Cold Brew

Love cherry soda but looking for something a bit healthier? Look no further, this cold brew features fresh blackberry syrup, sparkling water and organic house-made whipped cream. The flavor is slightly sweet, with hints of cocoa and fresh berries. It’s the perfect treat for a warm day!

Seasonal Beverage

Lavender Vanilla Latte

Back by popular demand, featuring non-GMO lavender syrup handcrafted locally in small batches by our friends at Sonoma Syrup, it tastes as good as it looks. Enjoy this fan favorite hot or iced, either way it won't disappoint.

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