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The Clever Brewer is very easy to use. Simply add your water to coffee and start a timer. When brewing is done, set your Clever on your cup to release the stopper. You get the evenly extracted brew of a french press with the clarity of a paper filter. You don’t need a gooseneck kettle or a fine tuned pouring technique, because the unique stopper design allows for a controlled full immersion extraction. This recipe makes one 12oz cup.

Recommended Coffee to Water Ratio1:15 (slightly strong) 

What you'll need

  • Clever brewer
  • Flat bottom cone filters (Melita #4 works great for large Clever, #2 for small)
  • Fresh coffee, medium-coarse grind (25g)
  • Scale
  • Timer (if scale does not have built in)
  • Kettle / hot water (375g) just off boil at 205°
  • Carafe or mug to decant into


  1. Place a filter in your Clever dripper and rinse with hot water to remove paper taste. Discard the water by setting your Clever on your cup (this activates the release from the bottom).
  2. Grind 25g of your choice of coffee on a medium-coarse setting. Place grounds in the filter. Tap or lightly shake to level the grounds bed. 
  3. Place your brewer on scale and tare to 0.  


  1. Start your timer and pour all of your water (375g) into the center of the ground coffee in the Clever. 
  2. At :30, stir coffee in a large circle, twice around the full circumference of the dripper to submerge any grounds that have risen to the top.
  3. Place lid on top to retain heat.
  4. At 2:00, place Clever on top of your cup or carafe. This will trigger the stopper and release the brewed coffee. 
  5. Serve coffee once the filter stops dripping, which should happen around 3:30. 
  6. Discard the coffee grounds and filter into the compost.

Pro Tips
  • Leave the hot water (discarded from rinsing the filter) in your mug/tumbler/carafe while brewing to preheat your cup. Discard before releasing the brewed coffee from the Clever into your cup.
  • Did your coffee take longer than 3:30 to draw down? Try a coarser grind. Go finer if it was too quick.