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Hario Mizudashi Cold Brewer

The Hario Mizudashi is a delightfully convenient brewer for cold brewed coffee. The filter basket makes clean up easy, and the cold brew can be kept in the carafe itself while stored in your fridge.

Along with the difference in serving temperature, coffee prepared as cold brew can bring forth distinct flavors from other brewing methods. Medium and dark roasts are typically recommended for cold brew due to their richer body, but this method can also be a great experiment with any of your favorite lighter roast single origin coffees.


Recommended Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:12 (mellow, refreshing)


What you'll need


  1. Load 100 grams of freshly coarse ground coffee into the strainer basket.
  2. Insert the strainer into the carafe, aligning the dot on the spout of the pot and the dot on the strainer.


  1. Gently pour 3/4 of a cup of water over the ground coffee, allowing time for the water to filter through the basket. Stir gently with a spoon after the first pour to ensure all the grounds are evenly saturated. Continue pouring in intervals of 1/2 of a cup until you have poured a total of 5 cups into the carafe. Once complete, the water line should reach halfway up the height of the band at the neck of the Mizudashi carafe.
  2. Place the lid back onto the carafe.
  3. Place the carafe into your fridge for 12-14 hours to allow ample time for extraction.
  4. After waiting, remove the Mizudashi system from the fridge and remove the strainer itself to stop further extraction.
  5. Replace the lid, align the grill section to face the pouring spout, and serve to enjoy!
  6. Store any leftover cold brew in the refrigerator; best consumed within 3 days of brewing.

Pro Tips

  • Water quality makes a big difference for any coffee preparation, but you will especially notice off-flavors and odors in cold brewed coffee. Reverse osmosis water is a great option for cold brew. If using water with mineral content, try to look for a soft-water type.
  • Cold brew tends to work best with medium to dark roasted coffees due to their richer body. Our medium-roasted Cold Brew Blend is the same blend we use in all our cafes.
  • Extraction timing is important to achieve the right flavor for your batch of cold brew. While it can vary, under-extracted cold brew (too little time with the filter in) can have a more flat or sour taste, while over-extracted cold brew (too much time) can lead to increased bitterness.