Sweet, Light-Bodied Coffee in 5 minutes.


Form your Chemex filter into a cone with 3 layers set to one side. Place the filter in your brewer with the layered side facing the spout.

Rinse with hot water, then discard rinse water. This removes the flavor of the filter and preheats the brewer. 

Grind coffee medium-coarse. Towards course from the center point on most grinders. 

Place the grounds in your filter. Tap to level. Use at 1:16 brew ratio. For this recipe listed we are using 40g coffee and 640g water, which is several cups. Use more or less depending on the size of your Chemex and how many cups you want to brew. 

Place your brewer & cup/vessel on a scale, tare to 0.


Start timer counting up

Pour 80g of water into the center of the ground coffee to let it bloom. 


Pour 200g of water starting in the center of the grounds, circling outward, then inward. Don't pour water onto the edge of the cone. It may bypass the coffee entirely and dilute your brew. Total weight 280g


Pour 200g more in the same fashion. Total weight 480g


Pour 160g more in the same fashion. Total brew weight is 640g.


Serve coffee once the filter stops dripping.

Discard the coffee grounds and filter into compost.

Did your brew end after 5:00? Try a coarser grind. Go finer for the opposite.

Pro-tip: If you aren’t drinking all your coffee right away, quickly transfer to an insulated vessel or cover with a lid for heat retention.