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Brew Along: El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Honey



Makes 2 Cups

Recommended Water to Coffee Ratio: 15:1

24oz Water to 45g Coffee (Coarse Ground)



The Coffee: El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Honey

Finca Kilimanjaro is owned and operated by Aida Batlle, a fifth-generation coffee farmer who has gained a great deal of respect within the coffee industry over the years. She entered her coffee in the very first El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition in 2003, making a splash by placing two winning lots, including first place for Finca Kilimanjaro. Since then, she has garnered admiration for her commitment to quality and transparency, as well as for providing high wages, health care and other benefits for her workers. 

We have been working with Aida for several years – for this single origin lot we asked if she would use the honey processing method after offering fully-washed and natural lots the past couple of years. This way of processing involves leaving trace amounts of fruit clinging to the beans after harvesting and pulping. The method gets its name from the sticky, honey-like appearance the coffee develops while drying, and the sweet flavor profile it creates.


 The Brewer: Fellow Clara French Press

French press is a simple way to brew multiple cups of coffee; this full immersion method is an easy way to brew strong coffee that you don’t have to watch while brewing. French Press doesn’t use a paper filter, so the resulting brew is rich with coffee oils and small particles.

Single-walled French Presses lose heat while brewing, which can result in under-extracted coffee that tastes sour. Invest in a metal or double-walled version for great coffee. We recommend the Fellow Clara French Press for the best French Press brewing results with our coffees.


Check out our IG Live with Aida Battle, the fifth-generation coffee farmer behind El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Honey! (interview starts @7:48)