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Home Brewer Maintenance 101

One of the key attributes we look for when evaluating the quality of good coffee is its clarity of flavor. But if the equipment you are using to make coffee isn’t clean, those precision tasting notes listed on your bag of beans can be muddled or lost entirely. 

In the past year, coffee drinkers are brewing more coffee at home than ever before, and in the process, they’re finding that their serving carafes are becoming dirty much faster. Unfortunately, just because an electric brewer brews coffee automatically, the same can’t be said for cleaning. Two of the most important aspects of machine maintenance are cleaning the serving carafe and descaling the boiler. To make this process easier, Equator now offers two new products that will help your coffee taste better and extend the life of your equipment.

We are happy to present these new plant-and-mineral-based cleaning products from BioCaf.

Equator has used similar products in our cafes for years, and now both Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder and Coffee Equipment Descaling Powder are available for your home too. Both the Cleaning Powder and Descaling Powder are designed to minimize environmental impact during manufacturing, use and disposal. All the ingredients are found in nature, so they’re free of harmful chemicals like phosphates, and best of all, they’re 100% biodegradable so they’re completely safe to put back into the environment.

Have you looked inside your serving carafe lately? If you are brewing coffee often, chances are there is coffee residue staining the interior of the pot. This is especially noticeable in a stainless-steel thermal carafe, but that doesn’t mean your glass carafe is any cleaner. Dishwashers are great for deep cleaning, but they can also be rough on plastic components, such as handles and spouts, causing them to wear out faster than if you washed them by hand. But no matter how you wash your brewing equipment, your carafe will still only be partially clean. Coffee residue is most thoroughly removed with a product specially formulated for cleaning brewing equipment like Biocaf’s Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder, which removes coffee stains and restores your coffee pot to near-new condition. A clean carafe will allow you to taste more of the subtle flavors in your favorite coffee.  

For those who prefer manual coffee brewing methods, your equipment can also benefit from routine maintenance. For starters, you will want to soak your Hario V60 cone, French press carafe and screens, and any other brewing components that come in contact with coffee in a solution of dissolved Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder to fully clean them. After soaking, scrubbing, and fully rinsing, you’ll soon be able to recognize a notable improvement in flavor compared to the same equipment before cleaning.  

Now what about the buildup you can’t see? Unless you are using distilled water, which isn’t recommended for coffee brewing, there will be mineral buildup on the heating elements in your electric coffee brewers and kettles. This includes purified water, spring water, filtered water, and plain old tap water. If you have hard water, the mineral buildup will be even more significant. Buildup of limescale on your heating elements can cause two problems, first it will reduce the efficiency of your brewer by not achieving the correct water temperature. Secondly this will cause coffee to taste flat in the cup and even cooler than it was when your machine was new. If your machine just stops working, it could be due to the heating element giving out after it struggled to heat to the correct temperature through the buildup of scale. 

Who wants to buy a new coffee maker when you don’t have to! By using Biocaf’s Coffee Equipment Descaling Powder regularly, you can break down and clear the limescale buildup, lengthening the life of your machine while keeping your coffee tasting great.

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