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Zoom Coffee Equipment Cleaner

Coffee Equipment Cleaner

All-natural, biodegradable cleaning powder to help your coffee taste better and extend the life of your equipment.

Product Details

Use this all-natural cleaning powder to eliminate coffee residue and oils from brewing and serving equipment including carafes, French presses, and pour over brewers. It also works great as a soaking solution to clean other equipment, parts, and accessories.

- Made from all natural, biodegradable ingredients.
- Contains no phosphates.
- Odorless.
- 3 x 9 g packets

About the Partner


We are happy to present these new plant-and-mineral-based cleaning products from Biocaf. Equator has used similar products in our cafes for years, and now both Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder and Coffee Equipment Descaling Powder are available for your home too. Both the Cleaning Powder and Descaling Powder are designed to minimize environmental impact during manufacturing, use and disposal. All the ingredients are found in nature, so they’re free of harmful chemicals like phosphates, and best of all, they’re 100% biodegradable so they’re completely safe to put back into the environment.


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