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North Star Collection

Our winter coffee blend welcomes a new year brewing with possibilities. It pays homage to the North Star, famous for remaining steadfast in the sky. As we chart a new path, this guiding light allows us to feel anchored and instills direction for the year ahead.

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5% of sales go directly to our producer partners at Fazenda California in Brazil to support the "Future is in our Hands," a local environmental education initiative which engages elementary school-aged children in the coffee-growing region through hands-on, sustainability-focused activities.

About the Coffee

North Star Blend

Our warm and inviting North Star Blend weaves together some of our favorite natural and washed-process coffees of the season from Central & South America, featuring:

  • at the forefront, a natural-process coffee from the beloved Fazenda California in Paraná, Brazil,
  • a fully-washed Catuaí coffee from Finca El Injerto in the highlands of Northern Guatemala as another primary component,
  • a complimentary coffee from a handful of villages around the town of Inzá in the Cauca Department of Southwestern Colombia,
  • and a natural-process Bourbon coffee produced by the J. Hill family on Finca Buenos Aires in Western El Salvador to tie it all together.

Roasted medium light, the result is our North Star Blend, invoking flavors of peanut brittle, red apple, candied orange, and baking spices.

About the Beneficiary

Future is in Our Hands

5% of the sales from the North Star Blend collection will go back to our partners at Fazenda California, a family-owned coffee estate in Brazil who produced a key coffee in our seasonal blend.

The proceeds will support the "Future is in our Hands," a local initiative which engages elementary school-aged children in the coffee-growing region through hands-on, sustainability-focused environmental education.

About the artist

Brooklyn Bell

We partnered with Brooklyn Bell to design our custom coffee bag and mug for North Star Blend.

Creating her illustrations through a combination of hand drawings and digital artistry, Brooklyn's rendition of the Equator tiger's starlight journey brought to life the same wintertime magic we set out to evoke with the blend itself.

"I spend a lot of time outdoors and my art is a reflection of this passion. My inspiration comes from everywhere; little inside jokes between friends, listening to Kendrick Lamar/Fleetwood Mac, my role models, what I see within mountain culture and colors I happen to like in the moment."

Learn more about Brooklyn Bell and her work at:

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