The Tiger Trust

Across Indonesia, tigers are disappearing fast. Over the last century, two of three subspecies have been hunted to extinction, and now a small population of Sumatran Tigers is all that remains. Protecting the tiger means supporting the rangers who keep them safe, and we are committed to doing our part. Every drop of our Equator Blend and Equator Espresso supports The Sumatran Tiger Trust, an operation working to protect the dwindling number of tigers in Sumatra.

Why do tigers need rangers? Well, safe land is disappearing fast. Agricultural growth in Sumatra has fragmented tigers' natural roaming ground, relegating the 400 that remain to five national parks and two game reserves. Rangers roam the forest, where conditions can be harsh, patrolling for poachers, destroying tiger traps, and tracking tigers' movements and patterns through infrared cameras. Rangers are even trained to recapture tigers that may wander into villages or unprotected territory, relocating them to protected land.

To fund the rangers, the Sumatran Tiger Trust has partnered with hundreds of small coffee farmers to grow, process, and sell coffee, even using GPS to make sure farmers aren't planting on protected land. We've purchased 26,400 pounds with a premium attached to each pound, effectively funding one ranger for an entire year. Gear included.

This project enables us to support two things we love: Coffee and tigers. Tigers have always been close to our hearts, look no further than the Bengal that graces our logo. To us, the tiger evokes all the grace and strength we hope to embody as a company, and we're here to help it survive.

For more information, visit The Sumatran Tiger Trust.