Event Alert- Meditation + Between Film Screening

Equator Coffees & Teas is excited to screen Between by Shades of Winter. Prior to the film, our friends at Lululemon will be hosting a meditation with Bex Urban. Your ticket gets you a seat for the meditation and film, everyone's favorite gluten-removed beverage Sufferfest beer, and essential movie snacks: popcorn and cookies. We expect this one to sell out, so be sure to get your tickets now, we hope to see you there!

Never meditated before?  No problem, we invited Bex to share a bit more about what this experience will entail! Bex will guide with a single pointed focus on breathing and observing the “space between.” In the short sit, you will be invited to soften inward, release tension and be more grounded. The meditation is for all.  

“Bex's meditations are patient, relaxed and helpful to both the experienced and novice meditators.” - client

Bex's meditations are patient, relaxed and helpful to both the experienced and novice meditators.” - client

For many people, meditation is intimidating and sitting still for a dedicated time can appear challenging. Bex guides the practice in an accessible and thoughtful way. Her approach provides simple tools for integrating meditation into your daily life. She instructs skillfully, using several techniques, a few include mantra, repetition of statements, and focused breathing. She believes cultivating a consistent practice allows one to feel renewed, more grounded and spaciousness inside.

Bex encourages people to start exactly where they are in life. Everyone can carve out 10 minutes a day for self care. Her words support people in slowing down and unpacking the mind into more stillness. She sees meditation as a gateway for setting the tone for your day, widen your perspective and becoming more receptive. 

Here is bit more information about your guide:


Rebecca Urban, known in yoga circles as "Bex," has led yoga and Pilates classes since 2000. Bex opens classes with meditation to reclaim being more grounded. Allowing students to bring awareness to our breath as the essential link between mind, body, movement and stillness. She emphasizes finding center, balancing the body from the inside out, and using the physical practice to forge a larger spiritual connection. Her positive energy inspires everyone she works with to show up, release, and build strength.

As a child, Bex was introduced to many spiritual teachers and practices, igniting a thirst for spiritual insight and physical wellbeing that has inspired her all of her life. Her father introduced her to meditation at age 4. She visited the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, at 6. In 1983, Ram Dass came to her family home to gather with a group of psychologists about a book he was writing. At 12, Bex had the honor of meeting the Dalai Lama and presenting him with a rose. Movement has also been a lifelong practice. Bex found yoga after competing in Division I college field hockey. An avid runner and hiker, yoga fast became her solace for reclaiming her breath and allowing her body to release.

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