The unique stopper design on the Clever Dripper allows for full immersion, error-proof brewing, with the clarity of filtered coffee. Make sure your Clever Dripper is sitting on a flat surface before adding water to prevent leaks


  • Coffee (25 grams)
  • Clever Dripper with lid
  • Filter
  • Coffee
  • Scale
  • Kettle
  • Spoon
  • Timer  


1. Place paper filter into Clever Dripper.

2. Rinse paper filter with hot water. Rinsing the paper filter removes any paper taste from the filter and preheats the Clever Dripper.

3. Discard rinse water.

4. Place Clever Dripper on scale. Make sure scale is tarred to zero.

5. Add 25g of ground coffee into the filter.

6. Fill kettle with hot water.

7. Start timer for two minutes.

8. Add 375g of water to Clever Dripper.

9. Start timer.

10. Immediately stir coffee and water mixture in a large circle, twice around the full circumference of the dripper.

11. Place lid on top of dripper.

12. Wait for timer to finish.

13. When timer is done place Clever Dripper on top of cup. This will release stopper and coffee will flow into the cup.

14. Wait approximately one minute for all coffee to drain.

15. Remove Clever Dripper and serve cup of coffee.

16. Rinse Clever Dripper with water after each use. 

Download Clever Dripper Brew Guide >