50/50 Blend
50/50 Blend

50/50 Blend

Dried Blueberry, Roasted Almond, Cacao Nibs

50/50 Blend

50/50 Blend $17.00

  • 12oz
  • 2lb
Whole Bean
  • Whole Bean
  • Coarse (French Press)
  • Regular (Drip/Pour Over)
  • Fine
  • Espresso


Ethiopia, Peru, Sumatra

Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
+ +

Tastes Like

Flavors of dried blueberry, roasted almond, and cacao nibs.

Berries, Nutty, Chocolatey






Washed and Natural and Wet-Hulled

The Story

Sometimes you want some caffeine in your coffee but not as much as usual, that’s why we came up with 50/50 Blend. This certified organic blend combines Mocha Java with Decaf Shakeout, providing the perfect balance of flavor and caffeine for many of us.

Mocha Java is synonymous with fruit-forward flavors. We combine a pair of coffees from Ethiopia, a blueberry-like natural processed coffee and a vibrant, citrus- and floral-toned washed coffee. The blend is completed with a wet-hulled coffee from Sumatra, which creates a complex, softly fruity cup.

When combined with Decaf Shakeout, the flavors of 50/50 Blend sweeten up further, adding notes of chocolate and nuts. In order to keep Decaf Shakeout fresh and lively through the year, coffees from some of our favorite Latin American origins are selected. Currently, the blend features a coffee from Peru’s Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Selva Central (APROSELVA) cooperative based in the Junín growing region. Like all decaf coffees at Equator, this lot is decaffeinated using the water process method of caffeine extraction. This chemical free process allows much of the coffee’s original character to be retained.

The resulting flavor of 50/50 Blend is sweet, balanced, and complex, which hints of berry-like fruit, rounded out with deeper flavors of almond and cacao. A great coffee for people cutting back on caffeine or for those times when you want a delicious coffee with a bit less caffeine.

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