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Zoom Seasonal Blend Coffee Subscription | Equator Seasonal Blend | Whole Bean Coffee 12oz Bag | Equator Coffee
Zoom Seasonal Blend Coffee Subscription | Equator Seasonal Blend | Tastes like shortbread, cranberry jam, poached pear | Equator Coffee

Seasonal Blend Subscription

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Our seasonal blends are light, rich, and smooth, highlighting deep-tones and well-rounded flavors coming from world’s best known growing regions. This blend changes seasonally and is currently Holiday Blend.

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Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Honduras, Ethiopia, Nicaragua

  • Tasting Notes

    Sweet and fruit-forward flavors reminiscent of the holidays, including shortbread, cranberry jam, and poached pear.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

CODECH Cooperative (Guatemala)
Tesfaye Bekele (Ethiopia)
Flor de Dalia (Nicaragua)

Holiday Blend is built around a coffee produced by members of Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepción Huista (better known as “CODECH”), a cooperative Equator has been purchasing from since 2017. CODECH was established in 1998 when the Alliance for Youth Community Development teamed up with local organizations to create an entity that would represent the interests of the municipality. Since 2004, the group has supported local smallholder farmers produce and market their coffee. Over the past decade yields on the coffee farms surrounding Concepción Huista have dramatically decreased because of climate change, but training and systematic renovations initiated by CODECH seven years ago are paying off. This coffee’s balanced and structured flavor profile serves as the foundation of Holiday Blend.

We then added a coffee produced on Suke Quto, a coffee farm located in the Guji Highlands of Ethiopia. Suke Quto is owned and operated by Ato Tesfaye Bekele, one of the people that helped to put the Guji region on the specialty coffee map. At nearly 550 acres, Suke Quto coffee farm, washing station and dry mill have become a force in the highlands of Guji. Suke Quto works with 171 neighboring farmers that deliver coffee cherries to the mill, and over 200 seasonal workers are employed to harvest and process the coffee. Their focus is on the production of environmentally friendly coffee in an economic manner that benefits the community, and to help people earn a living income from sustainable coffee production. This coffee’s citrusy and floral flavors contribute nuance to the blend and add complexity.

We finished the blend with a natural, or dry processed coffee produced by members of Flor de Dalia, a cooperative located in Nicaragua’s Matagalpa department. The group was brought to our attention by a Catholic Relief Services’ Coffeelands initiative known as Blue Harvest, or Cosecha Azul, a watershed improvement program designed to protect and restore sources of drinking water in coffee growing communities through the promotion of sustainable production. Natural processed coffees are not pulped after harvesting and the coffee fruit is left to dry on the beans fully intact, resulting in sweet and fruit-forward flavors. We used a relatively small percentage of Flor de Dalia Natural to ensure that the flavors of the other components were not overpowered, but enough to contribute just the right amount of fruit presence.


4,000 - 7,200 feet




Washed, Natural

Why We Love This Coffee

This year’s Holiday Blend is for everyone, no matter how you celebrate. This coffee was crafted by the friendly faces on this bag, with the hope that each cup presents you with an opportunity to connect with the people in your life in new and meaningful ways. We will feature this coffee throughout November and December, to keep you going throughout the holidays.

We then partnered with Michael Wertz to design this year's custom coffee bag for Equator's Holiday Blend and collection of limited-edition merchandise. Michael is an Oakland-based illustrator, printmaker, author, and Chair of the Illustration Program at California College of the Arts.

Michael's dazzling illustration for our Holiday collection was inspired by the meditative magic of his own morning coffee ritual.

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

5% of sales from this collection will go to our origin partners at Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepción Huista (better known as “CODECH”), a Guatemalan cooperative we have been purchasing from since 2017. These funds will provide organic fertilizer and training to 38 lower-income producers, enhancing coffee quality and yields while raising their income for the upcoming season.

All of Holiday Blend’s component coffees are certified organic.

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