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Impact Report

Equator was founded on the idea that what we do and how we do it matters. It’s been co-founders Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell’s life work and passion to apply that philosophy to coffee, to provide greater transparency into the coffee production process, as well as establish more equitable and sustainable practices in support of a better international coffee economy.

As a B Corp certified organization, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement and accountability, striving to set the standard for excellence within our industry. We choose to publish our annual impact report as a check-in with our community, and as a dialogue to share what we’re doing, what’s working, and where we hope to improve.

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Good Coffee


Our coffee team remains at the forefront of both coffee culture and sustainability initiatives. They continuously explore innovative practices, ensuring we lead the way in delivering ethically sourced and environmentally conscious coffee.

Our Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC®)partnerships grew from one in 2022 to three in 2023: Nicaragua Sacaclí, Nicaragua Las Hermanas, and Peru Chirinos. By 2024, we're set to expand to at least five ROC® partnerships, solidifying our dedication to regenerative farming practices. 

2023 was the first year we offered our first co-fermented coffee–an innovative processing method driven by producers from Finca Santa Monica in Colombia. Our coffee team continues to support producers' experimentation with processing, empowering them to add value at the farm level within the supply chain.

Kind People


At Equator, our people are our reason for being and are the heart and soul of the organization. From trips to origin to evaluate sustainable and equitable international sourcing processes, to the roastery and customer service teams, to the baristas and shift leads who craft delicious drinks day in and day out—none of our work is possible without our people. 

In 2023, we continued to invest in our employees through paid coffee education classes, paid time off to vote and to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice, covering 100% of health care premiums for enrolled employees, and funding professional development such as the Q Arabica Course and Exam, Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat, SF Coffee Festival, HR conferences, and Speciality Coffee Expo.

Better Planet


Being a certified B Corp organization is an active process that creates a continual exploration into all our systems and practices to uncover potential for improvements while recognizing and sharing with our community what’s working. Thoughtfulness and commitment to these values are a part of daily life at Equator.

By investing in energy-efficient Loring Smart Roasters, we reduce our carbon emissions per batch by 80%. We roast 50 hours per week, 3 batches per hour, which means that how we roast matters.

Donating our burlap coffe bags to local farms, local composting of our chaff, upcycling coffee excess with Extrafood, and utilizing Kraft paper packing tape are just a few of the ways that our roastery continues to reduce our carbon footprint in every way we can find.

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