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Zoom Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb
Zoom Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb

Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb

This Darjeeling is a 2nd flush from the Goomtee Estate. The estate, which practices organic farming methods but does not certify itself, is located in an area now defining itself as the Muscatel Valley. Goomtee is highly regarded for its quality and the distinctive tastes they consistently produce in their teas. This lot (Lot #13),was grown at an elevation of approximately 4500 feet. This high elevation helps to create well -defined or clear notes in the tea. This lott offers lively taste characteristics. The initial notes are smooth and flowery, passing into a more pungent feel on the tongue. There is a well-crafted tension between leaf astringency and "muscatel" flavors. Note how it will linger. The leaves cup to a rich, yellow-golden color.



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