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Zoom Brazil 45 Espresso - Equator Coffees
Zoom Brazil 45 Espresso - Equator Coffees
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Dipsea Espresso

A shot of Dipsea Espresso always feels like coming home. Formerly Brazil 45, we created this classic blend with comfort in mind; recreating the smooth, sweet, easy-going flavors that helped many of us fall in love with espresso.

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Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Brazil, Colombia, Zambia

  • Tasting Notes

    Dark chocolate, cinnamon, and graham cracker sweetness with notes of berry jam.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Capricornio Coffees (Brazil)
Las Rosas Women's Group (Colombia)
Kateshi Estate (Zambia)

The foundation of Dipsea Espresso is a natural processed coffee from Fazenda California, a coffee farm located in Brazil’s Norte Pioneiro growing region, in northern Paraná state. The natural or dry method of processing yields mellow flavors, typically imparting hints of dried berries which results when the coffee fruit is left in contact with the bean while drying. The classic milk chocolate and nut-toned flavors of Brazil coffee combined with these delicate fruit notes build the blend’s rich foundation.

To build balance and complexity in the blend, we added a coffee from Colombia that adds flavors of milk chocolate and spice. The coffee is produced by 300 members of the Association of Women Coffee Growers of West Huila (Asociación de Mujeres Cafeteras del Occidente del Huila), whom make up the Las Rosas Women’s Coffee Project. The project is a multiorganizational effort intended to support the Las Rosas Women’s Group through economic prosperity, social empowerment, and coffee quality. Over the past six years, the women of Las Rosas have showcased their ability to grow and prosper, becoming a source of inspiration for their community.

We finish the blend with a coffee from Ketashi Estate, one of the largest coffee farms in Zambia. Kateshi Estate boasts 6,100 acres, of which 1,910 acres are dedicated to coffee cultivation. The farm has been under the current ownership since 2012, the year Singapore based Olam International purchased the Northern Coffee Corporation and revived these inactive estates. The company manages five estates which total a massive 14,500 acres of land. The management provides worker housing on the estates, funds a school with 800 students, as well as a medical clinic and research center.


3,000 - 6,550 feet




Natural, Washed

Why We Love This Coffee

A shot of Dipsea Espresso always feels like coming home. Formerly "Brazil 45," we created this classic blend with comfort in mind; recreating the smooth, sweet, easy-going flavors that helped many of us fall in love with espresso. The name of the blend is derived from Dipsea Trail, the iconic Marin County trail stretching from our hometown of Mill Valley to the sands of Stinson Beach, and home to the oldest footrace in the western United States.

In Dipsea Espresso, you’ll find notes of milk chocolate & hazelnut, with a smooth, rich finish that lingers on your palate. When used to make a cappuccino or latte, those flavors melt away into creamy, sweet caramel flavors. This blend creates an easy-going drinking experience that both aficionados and newbies will love.

While there are many variables that contribute to dialing in espresso, here are the parameters that have been yielding the best results in our lab:

1:2.2 coffee to water ratio in 24-26 seconds.

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

We treasure our relationships in the global coffee community and invest in projects at origin to support our partners in their commitment to environmental sustainability and social welfare. We also invest in reducing our day-to-day impact, through initiatives like energy-efficient Loring Smart Roasters to reduce carbon emissions per batch by 80%.

As a certified B Corporation, we are a leader in sustainable practices that impact people and the planet. This third-party certification requires us to demonstrate transparency and accountability throughout our supply chain and quantify the impact our business creates for our employees, the community, and the environment. We are proud to be part of this community working together toward one unifying goal: using business as a force for good.

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