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Zoom Jasmine Silver Tip Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb
Zoom Jasmine Silver Tip Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb

Jasmine Silver Tip Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb


Jasmine Silver Tip is organically grown and sourced in Fujian Province. A Yin Hao Jasmine style green tea, note the abundance of silver buds and rich green leaves. A small leaf varietal, it is picked early in the spring, the leaf is then indirectly dried to preserve the leaf and keep it from curling. With this base tea made, the leaves are kept cool until the jasmine flowers blossom later in the summer.
The timing of the jasmine flower harvest is critical to get just the right scent and sweetness. Then the green leaves and jasmine petals are mixed and the scenting begins. Traditionally, the spent blossoms are then removed from the finished tea. In tea that is exported, a small amount of the last scenting petals are left in the tea for show. The jasmine scent is natural, sweet and not too strong, making the tea soothing and pleasingly balanced. Good for everyday use and always a relaxing cup.


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