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Zoom Tieguanyin Oolong Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb
Zoom Tieguanyin Oolong Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb

Tieguanyin Oolong Loose Leaf Tea, 1lb

Our Tieguanyin oolong offers an floral-buttery flavor that will delight the palate. Low-oxidized, this lot was made in the AnXi Region of Fujian Province by a tea maker well-known for the superb quality of his teas. By standard, classed as a clear and fragrant Tieguanyin, the leaves were fired briefly at low-temperature to ensure a fresh, green leaf color and sweet and floral flavors. As the rolled leaves steep, they unfurl slowly and release a lush, light-green-yellow liquor with a buttery mouth-feel that will delight the palate and linger long after. This oolong is rich and is good for a number of infusions as the leaves release their complex flavors.



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