White Peony (15 Sachets)

White Peony (15 Sachets)

White Peony (15 Sachets)

White Peony (15 Sachets) $12.00

15 ct
  • 15 ct



This lot was picked and processed in the first week of April. Given this, you will note the fresh and natural appearance and aroma of this tea. Our White Peony (Bai MU Dan) is traditional style - a salad mix of leaves ranging in color from light to dark green to light tan mixed with ample silvery buds. Harvested and traditionally processed in Fuding County, we look for a nuanced and sweet taste with a "round", smooth mouth feel that will linger and satisfy the palate. This lot has plenty of buds underscoring its quality and its rich, consistent flavor. Processed by withering in a warm room on bamboo racks, then heat dried its blend of leaf shapes, colors and buds steep to yield clear, straw-like cup liquor and tastes of melon, grape and herbs. This tea goes very well with food and is wonderful with sweets and friends!
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