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Burlingame Bay Trail & Equator Coffees

Equator Brings Specialty Coffee to Burlingame and the Bay Trail

Our newest retail location will open at an intersection of the SF Bay waterfront & Silicon Valley ingenuity. Bay Trail weekend strolls will soon be accompanied by our specialty coffees & signature drinks in hand. Sip and sit at benches on the bay, at outdoor patio seating with WiFi or at indoor seating in the airy, bright cafe with the accessible design, pop of red and our Bengal Tiger icon that you know us for.  

This is a hub for recreation, innovative collaboration, and travel. Burlingame Point at 312 Airport Blvd (Map) serves everyone from the jetsetters heading to and from SFO flights to baseball & soccer players at Bayside Park and kite surfers at Fisherman’s Park. The cafe is directly adjacent to the Bay Trail, a cycling, running and walking path running around the entire perimeter of the SF Bay, through all 9 counties. 

Our focus on quality, sustainability and social responsibility will be a welcome and delicious addition to the Peninsula. Our 25+ year commitment to partners at every link in the supply chain is recognized by being the first coffee company in California to become B-Corp certified. We support sustainable farming practices, projects that improve the quality of life in local and global communities and was an early adopter of cleaner & more efficient roasting processes, helping to lower emissions and energy use, at our San Rafael, CA roasting facility. 

Equator Coffees Burlingame

Our brick and mortar cafes are an expression of why the company was originally founded and are built to reflect the culture and needs of the communities they serve. In our cafes, we are always striving to answer the question of how to best build connections between local coffee lovers with coffee communities around the world. 

“Making people’s lives better through coffee informs every connection we make, from farmer to roaster to the barista preparing your cup, to you as a consumer and the communities that our cafes inhabit - we call it The Chain of Well-Being,” says Helen Russell, Co-founder of Equator Coffees. “We are thrilled to serve the greater Bay Area community by opening a retail store on the Peninsula, offering delicious coffees from around the world with distinct flavor profiles that are ethically sourced.

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