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Equator Radio | Proof Lab

It was our first cafe. We only kinda-sorta knew what we were doing back then. We weren’t sure if anyone would come. Heck, it was even on the wrong side of the road for morning commuters—the bread and butter of any cafe. 

But when it opened in 2013, Proof Lab launched the second generation of Equator. It was the start of something we take a lot of pride in at EQ: introducing a new generation of coffee drinkers to our years of expertise in sourcing, selecting, and roasting the world’s best specialty coffees. 

When we think back on it, the connection to the outdoor and surf communities is what really cemented our humble little cafe in the hearts and minds of Marin residents and visitors alike. The reclaimed redwood that was shaped by local craftsmen into the fence outside and the surfboard table on the back patio, the surfboards on display inside from our friends at the iconic Proof Lab surf & skate shop, the lush greenery provided by a neighboring nursery to surround the café and line the center of the community table on the front patio —everything we did come back to connection, chosen to foster a warm, vibrant, and inviting place for coffee lovers and casual drinkers alike. Including, of course, carefully curated music that sets the perfect ambiance in the cafe. 

So many of our regulars at Proof Lab visit to wind down after doing something they love. Hiking, biking, surfing, running, you name it. That’s why we think the Proof Lab Playlist is ideal for a little bit of R&R after a long day exploring the great outdoors, while, of course, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee or an expertly pulled shot of espresso. 

This one goes out to everyone who’s ever visited Proof Lab or any of our cafes, and especially to anyone who was ever been too shy to ask the barista about that song that was just playing. Here’s to you!