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Forever Rad with Chris Schierholtz

There’s a timelessness to Chris Schierholtz. Maybe it’s his effortless smile. Maybe it’s the VW camper he drives. Or that he’s the kind of guy that would plan a road...

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Fair Trade Forever

As California's first Fair Trade certified coffee roaster in 1999, Equator stands at the forefront of the sustainable coffee movement.

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Equator Radio | Proof Lab

It was our first cafe. We only kinda-sorta knew what we were doing back then. We weren’t sure if anyone would come. Heck, it was even on the wrong side...

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Round House - Our Next Cafe

Equator Coffees set to Re-Open the Historic Round House Cafe at the Golden Gate Bridge Making people’s lives better through coffee at one of the world’s most iconic & visited sites. As...

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Trailblazer: Dominique Crenn

Three-star Chef Dominique Crenn is a culinary trailblazer and force to be reckoned with. We're proud to support the Crenn Dining Group Employee Relief Fund with a donation from each...

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Meet George McCalman

We recently sat down with George McCalman, the maker behind our B'Cause Blend Bundle. We’ve been fans of George McCalman for years. He is an incredibly talented artist who’s raw, authentic...

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Home Brewer Maintenance 101

One of the key attributes we look for when evaluating the quality of good coffee is its clarity of flavor. But if the equipment you are using to make coffee...

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What is Espresso?

Despite lots of things being labeled as “espresso,” there’s actually no such thing as an “espresso bean,” chocolate-covered or otherwise. Espresso is one of only two things: a brewing method,...

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Voices From Colombia

Questions and Answers About the Recent Protest in Colombia written 5/25/2021 In recent weeks we have been hearing media reports and personal stories from our friends, farmer partners and coffee...

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