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Studio Visit with George McCalman

This is George. We’ve been big fans of his for years. He is an incredibly talented artist who’s raw, authentic story-telling is the perfect partnership to launch our B’Cause Artist...

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Morning Ritual With Chelsea Makes

You may recognize @ChelseaMakes miniatures from our April Fool’s Day Post where she shrunk our Mill Valley cafe into a tiny tiger den that was picture perfect, right down to the very last detail....

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Equator's Commitment to Decaf

There was a time when decaffeinated coffee was simply the byproduct of the caffeine extraction process. Those days are long gone, and now we find an entire industry dedicated to...

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Coffees of the Peruvian Andes

Although Peru often ranks in the top ten largest coffee producing countries in the world, it is completely overshadowed by its powerhouse neighbors. Ranking numbers one and two in world...

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The Road to B-Corp Certification

Written by Helen Russell, Co-Founder of Equator Coffees   Prior to starting Equator Coffees in 1995, Brooke McDonnell and I ran two coffee carts in the Bay Area. Business was...

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The Origin of Coffee

Why does origin matter when it comes to great coffee? Our Director of Coffee, Ted Statchura, explains why we do our best to attribute the amazing coffees we offer to...

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Proof Lab, Our First Baby

Written by Helen Russell, Co-Founder of Equator Coffees   My weekends don’t feel complete without a trip to our cafes. I hop on my bike and take the long way...

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Coffee Processing Explained

We’ve written previously on the meaning of “coffee origin” and it’s instrumental role in shaping coffee flavor. That term is often associated with the country and locale where a given...

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Equator Radio | Vol. 1

The year is coming to a close and we wanted to share our favorite jams that helped get us through all the good times, bad times, and running low on...

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How to Buy Coffee

Written by Devorah Freudiger, Director of Coffee Culture  I’ve worked in coffee for my entire adult life yet I still agonize over picking coffees to buy. Purchasing from a cafe...

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Roast Levels Explained

Coffees can be roasted in many different ways, each with distinct flavors. But what should you know about it? Our Director of Coffee Ted Stachura explains.

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