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Zoom Ethiopia Hamasho White Honey Coffee | Ethiopia Hamasho Washing Station | Single Origin Coffee | Ethiopia Coffee | Coffee from Ethiopia | White Honey Process Coffee | Whole Bean Coffee 6oz Bag | Equator Coffees
Zoom Ethiopia Hamasho White Honey Coffee | Ethiopia Hamasho Washing Station | Single Origin Coffee | Ethiopia Coffee | Coffee from Ethiopia | White Honey Process Coffee | Tastes like peach, white sage, papaya | Equator Coffees

Ethiopia Hamasho White Honey

Sourced from Ethiopia's Sidama growing region, this vibrant single origin coffee came to us by way of Catalyst Coffee: a women-led importer dedicated to innovation and traceability in Ethiopian coffee.

Debuted at the SF Coffee Festival, this coffee was white-honey processed, imparting a subtly sweet quality to this coffee's stone fruit profile.

Roasted fresh & shipped from the Equator Coffees roastery every Wednesday.

Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Hamasho Kebena, Sidama, Ethiopia

  • Tasting Notes

    Complex and concentrated flavors of peach, white sage, and papaya.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Hamasho Washing Station

We purchased this special coffee through a private auction of innovation lots held by our friends at Catalyst Coffee, a dynamic and vertically-integrated coffee importing company that has been working closely with producers in Ethiopia for that past decade. The ethos for Catalyst’s innovation program directs them to identify, preserve, and ultimately amplify the potential of coffees by utilizing unique processing methods.

This coffee was produced by smallholder farmers in the Bensa area of Sidama in Southern Ethiopia, and processed at the Hamasho washing station. As a result of many producers having success in Ethiopia’s annual coffee quality competition, Cup of Excellence, Bensa has become a widely recognized coffee area over the past several years. Managed by Asefa Dukamo Korma, Hamasho, which translates to “serpent”, is situated on the banks of a wide and slow moving river that resembles a snake.


6,300-7,650 feet


74110, 74158, 74160, 74165, Setami


White Honey

Why We Love This Coffee

This coffee was processed using the honey or pulped-natural method. After harvesting and pulping, trace amounts of fruit were left clinging to the beans before being transferred to raised beds. As the coffee dries, the sugars in the remaining fruit becomes sticky, taking on a honey-like appearance and imparting sweet fruit flavors into the coffee.

This lot is classified as a white honey processed lot; the color correlates to the amount of fruit retained on the parchment after pulping. White honey coffees retain the least amount of fruit relative to the other honey process color classifications.

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

Catalyst Coffee is Ethiopian-American owned, women-led, and devoted to equality. Their values of sustainability, traceability, and innovation drive them in every facet of their business, adding value to the coffee of the producers that they work with which results in higher incomes and quality of life.


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