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Zoom Kalita Wave Dripper #185 | Equator Coffees
Zoom Kalita Wave Dripper #185 - Equator Coffees

Kalita Wave Dripper #185

Sleekly designed and beautifully crafted, the Kalita Wave makes brewing delicious coffee a breeze. Get your Kalita Wave #185 filters here.

Product Details

Pour over style with a flat-bottom base. The sleekly designed and beautifully crafted Kalita Wave makes brewing delicious coffee a breeze. The flat bottom and three drip holes aid in even extraction, while the waved filters ensure water doesn't drain out too early. Please note that the Kalita Wave requires the use of Kalita Wave Filters.

About the Partner


Kalita was first established in Tokyo in 1958 as a family-owned Japanese company making commercial coffee equipment. They expanded into home brewing equipment and are well-known for the Kalita Wave brewing method.


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