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Zoom Ethiopia Abana Estate - Equator Coffees
Zoom Ethiopia Abana Estate - Equator Coffees

Ethiopia Abana Estate

Sourced from the scenic highlands of Ethiopia's Limu growing region, this washed coffee has a unique blend of spicy notes reminiscent of cardamom and ginger, coupled with flavors of stone fruit and sweet citrus.

Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Gera, Limu, Ethiopia

  • Tasting Notes

    Spicy and floral with flavors of cardamom, ginger, sweet lime, and apricot.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Michael Omran

Established in 2009 by the Omran family, Abana Estate is a 300-hectare coffee farm favorably located in the scenic highlands of Ethiopia’s Limu growing region. With most of the farm sitting above 2,000 meters, conditions are ideal for producing specialty coffee. Realizing this, the Omran family decided to shift their focus from producing large volumes of coffee, to producing high quality coffee instead. By tracking data, experimenting with processing and utilizing sensory skills, they were able to refine practices and significantly increase the quality of their coffee.

In 2009, the Omran family decided to purchase and develop land in Ethiopia due to its connection with the history of coffee. Limu lies near the forests in western Ethiopia where the Arabica species of coffee originates, the birthplace of coffee. Abana is the Arabic word for “our father,” it pays homage to the deep roots, rich heritage, and origins of wild Arabica coffee.


6,350-7,200 feet





Why We Love This Coffee

This coffee has a unique blend of spicy notes reminiscent of cardamom and ginger, coupled with flavors of stone fruit and sweet citrus that we showcases all the attributes we love about fully washed coffees from Ethiopia!

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

Since the inception of the estate over ten years ago, quality of life for the workers and their families has been a major focus for the Omran family, specifically education and health care.

Abana has donated much needed supplies to the local clinic, supported the newly built pre-school in Gera, and built sports fields which now serve as a community space. Abana covers the cost of supplies and uniforms for over 30 children of the workers who live on the farm.

One of Abana’s longest tenured employees, and now the farm’s assistant manager, Tujuba Wakbusho, earned his MBA from Walisso University which was fully sponsored by the Omran family.

Ongoing projects have enabled members of the community to receive over 1,500 medical treatments, which included cataract surgeries and dental procedures.


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